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Heat Laminate PVC Card Hologram Overlay Film

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Modelo: YXCP-15

Descrição do produto

Heat Laminate PVC Card Hologram Overlay Film  

Transparent hologram layer for cards protection. Custom logo and text is available. These holograms can be applied to cards in transfer or laminate ways. The hologram image is seen only at certain viewing angles, which allows visibility of the underlying ID card information and photo. The overlay can be applied to cards by laminate, transfer and cold stick form. 

Hologram Pouch

Detailed information of Holographic Overlay


As your requirement




PET, 21 micron


400 rolls

Width: 60mm Inner core: 38mm Roll diameter: 58mm

Per roll length is 75m , Cover-600 PVC Cards


1) Waterproof, sticky and durable

2) Anti-fake, excellent moisture barrier

Laminate Hologram overlay

PVC Card Hologram Overlay

Holographic Overlay Laminate with ID card

Hologram Overlay Film

Security tear tape

Our advantages

1) A professional manufacturer with 15 years anti-counterfeit experience.
2) Make personalized security hologram overlay for ID cards, Passports Certificates etc.

3) Supplying optical security hologram overlay to more than 20 countries' governmental projects. 

4) Provide you with customized brand enhancement and anti counterfeit package solutions 

5) Professional design team, Advanced hologram master origination and Mature anti counterfeiting production processing.

Exhibition for hologram hot stamping label

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's your hologram overlay material?

Usually we use PET material with 21 or 50 micron in thickness, other thickness like 125, 200, 215 micron are also available.

2. What kind of overlay your company provide?

We have 3 solution for overlays

1) Heat transfer/ laminate thin overlay for PVC ID cards

2) Cold laminate ways for PVC ID cards

3) Heat Laminate Pouches for paper ID cards

3. What kind of printer the ribbon can use for ?

At present, our company successfully self R & D one hologram overlay laminator, available to rent for use.

4. I need this holographic ribbon, please give me your price indication.

The price is determined by the logo pattern, application type, quantity . Please send us these information, so we can evaluate and accurate price for you.

5. Can you send me some hologram samples?

Samples are available, Kindly send us your requirements, we will arrange the samples ASAP.

6. Can I use your generic pattern with my printed logo?

Yes, we can print your logo on background of our generic pattern, like Global, GENUINE, SECURITY, etc. You also can add micro text, UV ink, photo etching, etc security features.

Usually we use PET material with 21 or 50 micron in thickness, other thickness like 125, 200, 215 micron are also available.

The more detail please view our official site: Welcome to visit our more hologram pouchhologram laminate overlayhologram transfer ribbonhologram overlay stickers, pvc card laminator

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