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Sobreposição de laminação holográfica personalizado transparente PET para o cartão de IDENTIFICAÇÃO

Descrição para a sobreposição de Custom Holograhic, sobreposição de cartão de identificação do holograma, sobreposição holográfica transparente, fita de holograma personalizado


As your requirement




PET with different thicknes

Pattern Generic or Custom logo


Transparent with hologram security features

Type Cold lamination, Trransfer, laminate


Passport, Driving license, bankd card, all kinds of id cards


1) Water proof and sticky

2) Anti-fake, excellent moisture barrier

3) Durable

Note: Price depend on the product details, so please kindly inform us of material, thickness, size, printing color and other requirements.

Diferentes tipos holograma ovelay, fita de holograma, holograma malote

NIP Security Film on ID cards- Suzhou IMAGE

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